• Jen McNair Wilson

Falling from Grace?

Falling from Grace? No. It’s just another face of Grace. And how do you like your cup of Karma?

We have runs of abundance, where everything flows sweetly and we feel the Universe winks at us through the sweet synchronicity sprinkled on our days, and we probably think to ourselves something along the lines of ‘ah YES! I’m in the flow of Grace’. And when it changes, because this life is wont to change, and we find ourselves in the middle of a storm of some nature, we can experience that 'what did I do wrong?' ‘why hast Thou forsaken me’ness, sensing ‘separation from Grace’. A horrible feeling and one that is never, in my opinion, true. Not true because it is all Grace.

Sure, sometimes there’s something in a storm that needs to be seen. Perhaps something needs to be let go of, or a shift needs to happen and it's good to be willing and curious to see if that's so. But sometimes it’s just how it is and not necessarily how we want it to be or think it should be.

We get attached to things being a certain way, attached to people, states of being, our bodies working efficiently, all this impermanent stuff, and we identify strongly with an impermanent little self. So a shake up in life, though often painful can serve as a reminder to remember, or seek, that which is beyond all this coming and going.

Does life owe us anything? I think ‘Life’ itself IS the gift.

This here, now, is what we have. We can call it our cup of Karma. And so my friend, how will you drink yours today? With curiosity, love, gratitude or even quiet and simple acceptance - thereby adding sweetness to it?

Or with anger, resentment or fear, screwing up your sweet little face as if taking bitter medicine? Understanding can change our attitude and our experience. That’s not to say there’ll be no pain but there is Grace in its face.

Sunshine and rain

Inhale and exhale,

Day and night,

Summer and Winter,

Happy and sad,

Pleasure and pain.

It all belongs. All of it.

My friend Sam uses the phrase ‘This too’ as a little reminder when something isn’t the way he’d like it to be.

This too belongs.

This too is Grace.

(Ps. Sometimes I screw up my face and drink my cup of Karma with a teaspoon of tears or a splash of aversion.. it’s ok cause if your heart is open to seeing beyond the transient, even a little bit, something or someone will remind you and you’ll say ‘this too’ and the sun will shine for you again)

This too