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Here is how I can help you

I will work with you, exactly as you are, to bring you ease in your body and mind, and a sense of connectedness to your Self,
You will experience the many benefits these practices bring.
We have beautiful and powerful ancient techniques and tools at our disposal. Each one of us is unique and I will help you find what works best for you, and help you build your practice, so that you are equipped and confident to continue your journey on your own.   


 Here are just a few of the options we may explore:


Eight Week Meditation Course. Becoming a meditation practitioner

All the tools you need to develop a daily practice that works beautifully for you. Over a period of eight weeks you will be introduced to a variety of techniques that prepare your body, mind and breath for  your own regular and highly enjoyable meditation practice. You will also have the opportunity to experience a range of concentration/meditation techniques so that you can find one that resonates with you, that you would like to explore more deeply.


Guided Meditation/Visualisation

Much like guided relaxation, but in a seated posture remaining fully awake and present, you will be guided on a journey of awareness or visualisation. Keeping the mind constructively and beneficially busy, giving you time and space away from persistent thoughts and your daily life.


Mantra/Japa Meditation

The repetition of a mantra, which means 'mind instrument/vehicle' is used to transport us to a meditative state.  
The mantra we use will be carefully selected according to your current needs or life situation. Chanting will be aloud, whispered and/or in silence. 


Sufi Heart Meditation

My personal favourite. Where the mind surrenders to the heart. Where we breathe love. After this meditation you may notice that your vibration has shifted and your magnetism has changed for the better.


Loving kindness (Metta) Meditation

Metta meditation is very powerful in healing ourselves and healing rifts between ourselves and others. It is kind and giving and nourishing. A very beautiful meaningful practice. You walk away form this one more beautiful than when you started it, because your heart shines.


Trataka - Gazing meditation

Apart from being a technique to still the mind and bring awareness to you of your third eye centre, this is, in fact, a purification practice.  

Additional benefits of trataka:

Strengthens eye muscles
Relieves insomnia
Aids in treating depression
Improves concentration
Calms the mind
Promotes emotional stability
Boosts willpower
Develops intuition and clairvoyance


Yoga Nidra

This practice is an ancient technique to bring you to a state of conscious deep sleep.  It is very beneficial to mind and body, in particular, the nervous system. It is said that 15 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to one hour's sleep. Our session can be 15, 30 or 45minutes depending on your requirements.

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Guided Relaxation

This class is similar to yoga nidra but will take you on a journey of visualisation. There are many options for the session, it can be healing, empowering or bringing you back to your centre, for example.


Silent, Deep Meditation

For those familiar and comfortable meditating who recognise the benefit of doing so with others, this is for you.


Hatha Yoga Asana

Hatha Yoga Asana class is perfect if you would like to reconnect to your body. It is restorative, strengthening and transformative and it works on more levels than meet the eye. This is an ancient practice that restores balance to the body and mind, preparing you for meditation and creating space for that beautiful inner light to come shining through. Each class features different asanas (poses) and is complete and balanced. You will work hard and your body will be transformed but this is not a dynamic, fast-paced style of yoga. Each class will end with ten minutes of deep relaxation.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This Asana class is more dynamic than the Hatha class. It begins by warming-up the body then flowing through a  sequence of asanas that will vary from class to class depending on the theme or your needs. The class ends with floor work and a 10 minute guided relaxation.


Chakra focussed Kundalini Class

This class uses kundalini kriyas to awaken and balance the main chakras. It is a powerful class and it is recommended that the rest of your day is gentle and quiet.


Complete Yoga Class

In this class, we will touch on yoga philosophy, cleansing practices, delicious asana, sweet svasana, and pranayama to take us into meditation.


Reiki for energetic healing and rebalancing

Enjoy a full session of reiki to energetically rebalance and heal.

The sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.

Ramana Maharshi