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Jen McNair Wilson

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Yoga practitioner from the age of 16. 
Born and raised in Zimbabwe.
Yoga and meditation have accompanied me throughout most of my life and it is my joy and my passion to share these healing, life enhancing and enriching practices with you. I am fully qualified and experienced and am confident you are in good hands. 
I am also an English Language teacher..
I qualified to teach English in 2001 in the UK, to Masters level and beyond. I have taught in many countries in diverse situations, including a lot of voluntary work. 



Jen is wonderful and her classes are always inspiring, uplifting and healing. She brings decades of experience and so much wisdom to her teaching, delivering a perfect blend of peace, strength and balance. Highly recommended.

Gemma Birss, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, London 

Jen is a fantastic teacher, very empathic, warm-hearted, calm and gentle with a lot of knowledge for yoga and meditation. Luckily i had the chance to do some yoga classes with her which just felt great and gave me the feeling to be in really good hands. She is taking good care of your physical conditions and is correcting your yoga poses when ever necessary. 
One of the most wonderful souls I have ever met. Highly recommended!

Severine Klug, Hospitality, Interlaken, Switzerland

Jen was my English teacher for 3 weeks during a trip in Chester, UK. She was the biggest brainstorm in my life. The first thing she taught me was the concept of teaching itself. Before meeting her i belived to the hard way, with pressure, efforts and discipline. She was teaching the soft way with love affection and serenity. I saw students giving their all as never i saw before. Everyone was so focus and was taking so much pleasure. Talking about efficiency, i never saw a class that motivated and enjoying so much to work. The whole process without any pressure, comparaison, concurrence or laugh except from pure joy and simple happiness. It was like she brought all of us back in childhood insouciance. I realized how love could be powerful, and how a loved and supported person could do big things.
About meditation she was and she is my biggest inspiration, and the wisest person I know

Cyrille G. Artist/Student, Geneva Switzlerand

Every time I hear Jen’s voice I feel a sense of calm, that things are alright with the world. I have had regular sessions of yoga and meditation over the past year with her and it was particularly helpful during the lockdown. It was the thing that kept me grounded and I learn a lot about using my breath. Whether you are in the same room or sharing a screen, just Jen’s presence is healing for both the mind and body.

Rebecca Simpson, Artist/Teacher, Venice Italy

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